July 16th - 1:14pm

Shards of mirror have let loose,
in the sea of mostly greens and blues.
Windows spilt the scene into three,
reflection of a portrait, back at me.

The sleepy rest wearily.
The restful walk hastily.

The mournful suit quietly,
whilst I sit here, writing quietly.

Keys sit a top stone marble table top,
fake MDF that hides below waiting to crop
secret laughs at inexpensive thoughts,
of those whome sit and admire,
kiss and court-

on faux leather, faux comfort, faux black couches
that ease the hurting buttocks
whislt sea sends them to sleep in tin metal, tin-can cot.

Un-pirated in North Sea swells,
tankers trail along:
seed heads in still black mill quiet pond.

Computers on knees,
hands on eyes,
smokers sit
'til yellow becomes the sky.