Kevin McCloud of Grand Designs: The One Who Got Away

Home I go to channel 14
where I’m met by old friends and TV teams.
They take me above and beyond the realms of reality
into the homes of others and the other homes
where, like me, we sit in the comfy,
the warm,
the flare of the burning tree.
Exuberant designs from the pen of mind
and the grand gestures of the underlined line,
all sit where we can see
and admire the ever more blank fancy.

Skip a channel up
and there we have another butt
of a cheap film and a movie slut
parading around in clothes, low cut.

Skip a channel down
and there we go!
Home again; starting again; finished again.
The cycle of a new build all helped along
by him, the God and the builders puppeteer.
Kevin, our Kevin, the Kevin McCloud
the one that works and the one that ploughs
a new furrow for us to burrow
our dreams of nice new
home, to make us proud.