Red Light District

You wanted everyone
that shuffled past in timid steps
and it’s not fakery or a con,
you really sell yourself for sex.

I was sat in a bar on the corner,
The Old Sailor with pints as big as hands,
and you gestured, I grew warmer,
we knew money would be spent, beer or sex?

Off the District and into smaller streets,
you were there either side, naked,
unclothed and generally stood up away from stool and seat,
lighter clink on the windows pane, a noise of sex.

Turn off smaller street into back alley, wide
enough for car or two and you were there.
One went first then I followed into that cubicle divide.
paid and went upstairs.
a good chat and conversation finished with a kiss on the cheek.
Give me another five days and I’ll make it a week.