What Happened After The Paralympics Had Ended

With concentration that akin
to plucking eye brows from pale skin
whilst watching a subtitled film begin,
she saw her husband leave.

Out, kicking up soil and sand,
over the garden he went never to come back to demand
a marriage to a blue eyed, five foot ten woman
that saw her husband leave.

A wheel squeak squawk from the cats of the street
that hustled and fought against husband’s feet
didn’t deter his stride or state or walking beat,
as his ex saw her husband leave.

Her legs were puppets that sat upon string
dangling down in a perpetual swing
that belonged to her wheelchair’s own spring,
she sat and saw her husband leave;

because she couldn’t get up and get him back
nor speak his name to shout and attract.
She was wheelchair bound
                                          and that’s the reason he left and packed.