A Little Shy To Show Your Left Side Curve: Breakup & Leave

Between slot machine windows
you hide off centre,
a little shy to show your left side curve,
to me and all the widows-
standing top floor with
frost and snow in slips of hair.

We met only once before, for a weekend,
when the aim was to experience and explore.
Your eyes were panes,
a reflection of a busy city caught
up in a loveless chain of concrete,
gray walls and back alley, back street stalls.

Five days we had this time,
just us two and no words, mainly mime.
Hailing for cabs felt like a salute,
daily to those whom do nothing but commute.
To us we hoped for a ride
with a gentle hand treading the city-street’s gusty tide.

There’s only one photograph. It’s stuck
under bulb and cord and when
Cambridge nights move in, draw in, thunder and rain-
I know you move and carry on.

Hello New York City.