Empty Nooses: Speed And Speight

Speedy deaths
happen in slow time,
low time & static rhyme;
that rhymes with no reason or chime.
None of us could see it coming,
                not in this weather,
                                not in this season.
It could’ve been stopped!
Yes, with a velvet hand on dry-paper skin,
creasing the cheeks as it
runs its way, up past your chin,
we could’ve stopped this.
Yes, with cataract free hindsight
and a much needed, tightly re-strung, foresight,
we could have stopped this.

A noose around a neck
can itch and irritate,
as fibres reach out,
twist in doubt,
court the flesh without cause or thought.
A stool under your feet
provide a stage
for the nervous foot shuffle parade that,
with a rock, you can slip off and
fall into the crowd,
with their flashbulb applause
daily-news-to-your-door kind of cause.