'Homeland & Borderland'

**The pamphlet has been drafted, edited, primped and preened. It's off to the printers this week and it should be online/in certain Cambridge bookshops, over the next week or so. It's a limited edition of only 50 and will not be reprinted again, so get Homeland & Borderland whilst it's hot/room temperature. Here's one of the selected poems to wet your reading appetite:

Birthday wishes that don’t exceed 40,
is a sign of torso rings,
so when they dissect you at 90
they’ll see you were nothing but a tall king:
A Redwood in the village,
Pine on the estate-
the perfect wooden image.

Christmas cheers that don’t surpass 60
means that kisses under mistletoe
are an act of the short-changed, the thrifty,
the lonely and the cold, lying still, snow.
Crystal beauty,
the face of precipitation,
the eyes of raindrops-
the eyes that freeze over and stop.

They stop.