University Hallway: Petri Dish In A Lab

Conversation walkway walk
with words streaming into ears.
A soft touch of bags,
rucksacks full of sag,
against thighs, arms, lower arms, forearms, cheeks, butts and legs.

Your eyes were amazing. The greatest
lapis lazuli definition
stuck and held into place by a gold socket,
perfectly pampered with applied makeup, soft
by sponge.
A fringe cut with Arabic Barber, scissor precision.
Hair held with a clip at the back.
Mineral water skin amongst the rock
of everyone else around you, glum with
seminar, lecture, seminar, tutorial,
meet-the-parents, tutor’s comment.

We danced on the ballroom floor
of that ten seconds,
mine were down, the defences clear,
No smile emerged nor did a wink,
we were bound in awkward, Yorkshire grit tooth and blink.
To find you again around the corridors of Hell,
circling back and forth until you show,
will be an expedition of determination,
against the endless rows of A4 communication:
pinned and tacked, behind clear plastic backed

I want to find you to embrace under bedroom sheet, crease wrinkle and duvet’s maze.