Fictional Deaths In A Non-Fiction City

Girls dressed as daughters
of the bookshop sellers,
take over the road
as if they owned the traffic that flowed.

Kids with glasses
belonging to European families,
sit staring at the girls,
wishing they’d notice their brunette curls.

Watching, is the lone man,
Christmas shopping for that frying pan-
the one with induction-hob-capabilities built in Japan.

Teens in backseat window silhouettes
stare back towards the girls,
flicking the V’s as if
to say look at me
I’m everything you want me to be.

The girls dressed as daughters
of the bookshop sellers,
nearly crossed the road,
but no cars slowed for them.
Only by chance did the ambulance
stop and help,
as now they’re clearing up their bones
and body-mass-pulp.

Always look both ways before crossing the road.