PETA Badges Peppered Her Lapel

A well cured woman with
tied back hair and 
a Mac for fashion,
with also a mac for all weather action,
sat across from me on the train.

Probably sexually active and
without a doubt physically attractive,
she wore morals not money. 
PETA badges peppered her lapel,
as she toyed with the check-in details
for the Four Seasons Hotel.
Never will I forget her scent;
high class, high art, high culture,
all distilled within a single
sculpture of smell.
My word, how she spoke so softly,
on the phone or too herself,
even when she asked me for help.

Definitions aren’t embodied
in a person that often.
Maybe ex-girlfriends define hell,
but sitting-on-a-train-Mac-user 
personified beauty, love,
and the everlasting man seducer.