Excuse Me, One Last Vow - Daniella Robin Bondar

Hello there and go there,
and turn and twist and slip
find what you left and solemnly regret.
As I do, I do so swear.
By my power, I’ve showered away  
any investment.

I should see to it
that your affairs have ruined much.  
Incredibly sorry for your downfalls, and
I am also incredibly smug.
A proverbial race has been indubitably won,
I, the victorious one.

Dear, oh dear,
from life now, to the hills of death
this I so impart ,
Please oh please, Let us be apart.

- - - 

Daniella Robin Bondar is a native New Yorker who recently graduated from college. It is time for her to enter the big scary world and it has her in a daze. Daniella is a humor essayist by nature but sometimes a poem or two slips out of her. When not writing, Daniella spends time pondering life, philosophy, and what hell there will be when there is no more paper left on this earth.