My Rochester (Mine. All Mine.) - Adreyo Sen

Some nights, I am Jane Eyre
But with Shirley’s face and flashing eyes
Beautiful, I lie ready to submit
Gift-wrapped in the warm of silk
To Rochester.

My Rochester!

Only he keeps changing
He was Beauty’s Beast. I stole him
From the mewling thing
And then Jackman who used to be
His claws left me sick
With anticipation.

Rochester is green and large and mean
And I close my eyes and sigh
And imagine crying with delight
As he tears me through
With the passionate, sweet brutality
Of his hulk.

- - -

Adreyo Sen, based in Kolkata, hopes to become a full-time writer.  He did his undergraduate work in English and his postgraduate work in English, Sociology and the building of castles out of thin air.  He
has been published in Kritya, Danse Macabre and Wordsmiths Online.