My Drug Is True - Shari Jo LeKane-Yentumi

My drug is Freedom.

Freedom from pain, freedom from fear,
freedom from all of the faults of myself,
freedom from the madness of this world,
freedom from any misgivings of this life.
My drug is Freedom, my drug is True.

My drug is Poetry.
Words on a page in poetic rhyme,
prosaic verse transcends space and time,
universal truths of the human kind
that expose emotion and expand your mind.
My drug is Poetry, my drug is True.

My drug is Love.
Hearts aglow in gentle reprieve,
fiery passion in heated seduction,
loss of loved ones that cause us to grieve,
maternal attachment of born reproduction.
My drug is Love. My drug is True.

How about You?


- - -

Shari Jo LeKane-Yentumi lives in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, where she specializes in immigration and not-for-profit matters.  She holds a B.A. in English and Spanish, and a Master of Arts in Spanish from Saint Louis University in Madrid and St. Louis.  While recovering from brain surgery, she teaches creative writing to men in a maximum security jail, and is working on a poetry anthology, Surviving Gracefully, and a novel, Poem to Follow.