The City Is On Fire! - Matthew A. Toll

With a fireplace I could make
it all happen, the smallest
spark that will finally warm
the entire city out freezing on
the avenue corners.
The crackle of burning wood
will carry like the chirping
of bluebirds nested in
the last remaining shrub,
safe somehow from the fire, from
the heat spreading throughout
the cityscape. Among the bright
orange flames, looking closely,
you can see the minute patch
of green shining through, and
we’ll all stand together in the warmth,
watching the beautiful fire
fueling our souls.

- - -

Matthew was born and raised outside of Boston, Massachusetts, where he lived until moving to Burlington, Vermont to study creative writing at Champlain College. Currently, he's living and working in Los Angeles, CA after having moved here in June 2012. Always on the run.