The End of Everything or, The Start of Nothing - Edward O’Dwyer

The woman in the café
tells me it’s the end of everything,
although not in those exact words,
as she pours my coffee
and April sunshine filters cloudily
into the room,
lighting up the quiet beauty
of her (I’m guessing) Polish face.
As I turn to choose a table
I hear her add,
as a kind of afterthought,
maybe not even to me,
rather a word of resignation
in her own ear,
that, as well, it the start of nothing,
although again not in those exact words,
but I know exactly what she means,
and I can tell she really means it.

- - -

Edward O’Dwyer (b. 1984 in Limerick) is published widely in journals and anthologies throughout Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia, among them, Poetry Ireland Review, Agenda, The Houston Literary Review. He also recently got to represent Ireland at the Poesiefestival, Berlin, 2012 in their European ‘renshi’ project.  His first collection, A Love Poem Mostly For You, is forthcoming from Salmon Press.