The Last of Us - Samantha Seto

So many decades have passed.

We grew apart between love into hate and sad letters.

Phone calls 
impossible for my paper flowers, 

your face vanishes into crowds, 
escape inside our song.

I breathe into your lungs like the soprano in the opera,
my ghost will inhabit your soul.

The ground weighs beneath my feet in white hospital linen,
my headache burns past nightfall.

If our collective CPR stopped, lost charge,
our last breath would synchronize into one.

Despite every passing second alive
for all who breathed us in, a pair of doves.

Each set of lungs, colorful balloons, warm kisses,
they throw us into air and I watch you rise like rain.

- - -

Samantha Seto is a writer. She has been published in various anthologies including CeremonyThe Screech Owl, Nostrovia Poetry, Soul Fountain, and Black Magnolias Journal.