Twas The Last Night of The Earth - Alan Maguire

Twas the last night of the earth
When I begged upon a star
not wished, hoped or imagined
but I begged like a pauper
crawling on my hands and knees,
whimpering like a dog

I begged for time itself to rewind
I begged for mercy
I begged for peace
and I begged for God or whomever
to give this race one more chance
one last shot to redeem itself

Twas the last night of the earth
when I beheld the blinding light
and as I held my darling tight
I kissed her
then I wished her
"Happy New Years Baby "

- - -

Alan Maguire is an Irish poet living in Cork City. He started writing poetry a few years ago as a result of reading Charles Bukowski, his favorite writer. Alan enjoys writing poetry more than stories, because it's easier and just as powerful .