When Karma Comes Around - Trinity Law

I gave all I had to those who were needy,
But it was never enough they were all so greedy.
They never gave back, they just wanted to take,
They were all so wrong, so empty and fake.

They broke my heart, I felt so bad,
They tried to convince me it was me that was mad.
I lost all my energy and my self esteem,
They’d sucked it all out and shattered my dream.

They poisoned the love and turned it to hate,
There’s no way back now, It’s past too late.
I buried deep down the things that they said,
But now all their words spin around in my head.

Karma will come back around one day,
And all of those people will have to pay.
I wouldn’t like to be in their shoes,
When the Karmic Law gives out it’s dues.

- - -

Trinity Law has just self-published a Novel on Kindle, entitled "The Queen of Karmic Crescent". Trinity is a mother of three and is a strong believer in the law of attraction and think her thoughts accordingly!