Deep in the Pines and Too Long Till April - Rick Richardson

Down by the creek I walk
solemn feelings of winter’s despair
I long for sunshine and spring's promise
but that will be sometime

No sense in crying as no one is at home
Off to the woods where the body will find peace
If only I could hold on for just a bit more
The feelings come over me again

I go to a place where my thoughts will lie still
No hard questions until they find
My feelings drained like blood on the snow
No one will ever begin to know

Deep in the pines I am oh so close
Decisions made and so that's done
No regrets to speak of now or back then
Well maybe then but....well

The question is what will they say
No matter what it is my fault
If only April was within my reach
No matter now I'm on my way

Come two days or maybe three
They'll know the answer to all that's been
I never claimed to have been fair
I know it's all been in vain......

- - -

Rick Richardson is a professional archaeologist and an unpublished porch dogging poet. Rick grew up in the mountains of Tennessee and currently resides in a small fishing village in coastal North Carolina, USA.  He loves the water, but misses the mountains and snow.  His favorite past time is sitting on the porch with his sweet mutt Daisy, reading something new while listening to and breaking down his favorite musicians.