Dulcimer - Rick Richardson

Play me a song
'bout all the wrongs that I have done.
Sweet Dulcimer...
In your strings and swirly grains
lie my life's story
and the way my river runs.
Ol' Lucifer...
Leave me alone
for its a long, hard road
that I have gone.
My darlin' fair...
In your sweet and lovely face
I see longin' and despair
I see sorrow and despair.
in the misty moonlight
I hear her call my name.
Sweet Dulcimer...
Take me home
Sweet Dulcimer...
She'll bring me home.

- - -

Rick Richardson is a professional archaeologist and a one time published (thanks to Tim Knight and Coffee Shop Poems) porch dogging poet. Rick grew up in the mountains of Tennessee and currently resides in a small fishing village in coastal North Carolina, USA. He loves the water, but misses the mountains and snow. His favourite past time is sitting on the porch with his sweet mutt Daisy, reading something new while listening to and breaking down his favourite musicians