Snow and Sun - Julia Hones

Vying to survive,

at odds with each other,
feelings and thoughts,
like the sun and the snow,
glisten and embellish each other,
they silently
wile us and entice us
with their shimmering charm.

Snow thrives on the freezing temperatures
that make our skin ache,
whereas the sun can dazzle us,
make us frown,
masquerading dull spots
of an exhilarating landscape.

The dance of snow and sun,
a perplexing ambiguity
of thoughts and feelings
that deranges our lives.

- - -

Julia Hones' literary work has been published (or is forthcoming) in Skive magazine, the Greensilk journal, the Southern Pacific Review, Epiphany magazine and the "You, Me & a Bit of We anthology". She recently became the poetry editor of the Southern Pacific Review and Julia also runs a literary blog: