A Few Pamphlets Remain

There are a few limited edition, handmade, editions of my  'Homeland & Borderland' poetry pamphlet still on sale. The mere price of £2 (yes, 200 pence) will see it purchased and packaged and in your hands within 5 days. 

Homeland & Borderlnad

Cambridgeshire poet, Leanne Moden, gave it a lovely review  here at Cambs24.

If you so wish to purchase it, look to the right and click 'Buy Now' to be transported through the magical world of Paypal.

Here's the opening poem:

- - -



Starbucks for the beach sleeper,
cigarettes for the cruise ship worker,
around the world a further three times more
with a six-a-day job, one on shore.

She smiled with Gatsby glare.
She smiled with fair, tied back hair.
She smiled.

And how her love for Poe and Wilde
found its way to my ear a mere three year veer
around time itself.
Turkish delight is not a food nor a sweet,
but a lady who gives a discreet smile to those she meets.
My cafe in my street has you across from me
and the books I read have you printed in an uppercase key,
black on the white and bound by the spine
for you are the cruise ship lady, the lover of mine.