Keys - Nicole

The cold wine cleanses--
And I really feel your absence.

Out of the patio door I spy:
Coloured hanging lanterns against
Teal firs.
A lavender sky.

I know the door is locked.

I fall ten years back
back into your garden.

It’s a green blur from here and a kitchen table through a window.
Pale wood, solid. Definitely circle.
A chain of coloured lanterns holds me focused as
I try to recall your face.
I try to summon memories time locked away.

All I get is fish and chips and an aubergine cardigan.

The sun is setting, falling behind the firs.
I run to the kitchen door
Desperate to find you.

The door is locked.

- - -

Nicole is originally from Surrey and currently studying a BA in English Literature. However, she (hopefully) is graduating this year and entering either the world of work or post-grad study.