At The Carnival - Pearl Boltman

Candy floss and carousels
Bumper cars and clowns on stilts
The evening sparkles with stars bright
You and me, the perfect couple, a perfect night

You hold my hand as we walk between stalls
You win me a gigantic teddy bear by throwing balls
You scoop me up and spin me around
Just like that your love takes me off the ground

You put me down gently and kiss me on my forehead
I can hear the kiss comes with an “I love you” but nothing was said
You take a moment and just stare down at me
If only you knew my future in your eyes I see

On the Ferris wheel we hold hands and kiss
That’s the moment we both make a wish
The carnival music plays in the background
The chemistry between us has me spellbound

You take my hand and place it on your heart
You promise me that we will never part
You tell me you see your future in my eyes too

Right there you propose and I answer “I do”.

- - -

Pearl Boltman is a student living in Cape Town, South Africa. She enjoys writing, blogging and cloud watching.