Waitress - Billy Herklots

Blood diseased like crazied dogs
Snarling like voyeurs in Bangkok
Too mad for a one night stand 
And this?
Stare into her back
Wait for her to turn
Like leaving a cinema
Crippled by an actress
Begging fate to drag me where the cameras roll.
She only looked at me and filled my glass.
The fucking house wine
And she’s paid to smile
To every son of a bitch who walks through that door
She could be on screen. 
There’s the whole goddam crazy fucking world
And me
Mad for this one waitress.
Someone just throw me some comic books and some cigarettes and put on some 80’s sci fi films,
My veins will carry blood,
My retinas will project colour. 
She’ll leave.

- - -

Billy Herklots is a nineteen year old with an affliction for women cigarettes and all the usual teenage stuff. His inspirations are mainly Beat in nature; Bukowski Ginsberg Kerouac Dylan, but you can count in Hughes, Keats and loads of other names too.