Moon's Pearl - Mike Hauser and Maria

I've held on so long to what I thought were treasures in life
Still letting them slip through my hands
As hard as I may and as hard as I might
They were all but like grains of sand.

I held on to them ever so tightly you see
Braided them with links of my love and my care
Yet the strands they raveled and the pearls were loosed
Onto the shore, swept into the air.

Where the wind took them up and blew them away
Beyond the boundaries held fast by my youth
In a cascade of colors brighter than all of the others
They swirled in the rhythm of truth.

For their release unbridled this freedom within
And swayed in the evening's red sun
Then rose to dance in the pale moon light
My pearls and the moon became one.

- - -

A collaborative write by Americans Mike and Maria. Professionally Mike is a landscaper and a free spirit. Maria a nurse and holistic healer. Poetry remains their obsession.