Cosmic Caffeine - Paige Harmon

The cosmic wheel
celestial appeal
determining for some how to feel
GEMINI grins
While LEO always wins
…but tomorrow will you knock down
the same pins?
Strike today
Split tomorrow
How much advice from PISCES can you borrow?
The Times
The New York Times
The Washington Post
Contemplating the galaxy as you sip
your favorite roast
A vanilla meteor shower
A mocha milky way
A hazelnut shooting star
Which will you choose this day?
Reading the headline
looking for a sign
…Tales or Heads
You can go to work
or home to bed
Order your sugar with coffee
or butter with bread
Take the path on which you feel led

Leave it to AQUARIUS instead.

- - -

Paige Harmon is an American poet in love with the written word. Paige is currently working on her book, BEANS & BARLEY MUSINGS.