Dream Feaster - Sheikha A.

While you sleep...

I gaze upon your face
as I breathe in fragrance
hanging off  contours
along telling, arching,
angling lines of your jaw.
Your skin that spans
into a valley broad
met by a dipping chin
across a flat but strong visage.
I feast on your deep set eyes,
luring, provoking,
tantalizing cocoons
of hypnosis
as they rest away tired
dreams of the day.
Their closed sensuality
flickering embers
of a sweet mating game.
Those lips pout
to alluring culverts
where desires vegetate,
lingering, forming,
as they imbibe
a throbbing palate of dreams
to escape
your mouth ingenuous
unknowing to sins.
I read into your slumbering face
to feed my sores
the beds of many I have visited.
Come my feast,
rescuing beauty,
glazed mounds of delectable dreams,
I have been long hungry...

- - -

Sheikha A. is a writer based in Pakistan. She loves to write and voice her opinions. Nothing more, nothing less. More about her works can be read on links: