Bah! Feminism! - Shobhana Kumar

post my best friend’s wedding,
i am introduced to her husband:
an eager voice,
a smile, slightly out
of propriety,
and before i know it,
his eyes have sized me up,
with a handshake that lingers
a trifle too long.

i leave it at that—
she’s moonstruck; it must be my feminist genes.

the second time,
his eyes grope around familiar sights,
the laughter gets louder,
and the handshake, harder.

before the third time,
i make excuses
and then some more.

two years later
he files for divorce.
cites her probability to infidelity
as reason enough:
‘she hugs her male friends,
has them on speed dial
goes out to dinner with them.
surely there must be more, your Honour.’

he ekes out a divorce. 
and that is how my friend
turned a feminist.

- - -

Shobhana Kumar's first volume of poetry, 'The Voices Never Stop' was published by Writers Workshop, Calcutta in 2012. Her work has appeared /is forthcoming in anthologies and several journals/ publications including Origami Poems Project, Read Leaf Poetry, The Buddhist Poetry Review, and others. Her second collection is under print and she has authored 5 books of non-fiction.