Pen & Paper

You've bruises on your thighs,
both sides of skin beat and red.
If this is how he says hello to you
then maybe it's time leave, or is
it time to relieve yourself with
hits and smacks and colourful
comic-book thwacks back so his
bloody nose can complement those
he gave you that time in spring.

Take your glass slippers and be
one of those girls in red dresses;
dance, twist, and twirl as well as
the rest of them, churn up that
dance floor ring and take time
out for more drinks, re-hydrate
before looking for another long-
term date to be a tactile touch-er
with, another involved and committed

Take note from the pint husbands
and their half-pint wives around you,
pen a note to yourself for the future
beginning with,
then moving swiftly on with,
If you find another man that hits
before he kisses you than you've picked wrong,
ending with,
You've plenty of time left, stay strong.