The Missionary - Lauren Page

All was utterly ruined,
like a run in a brand new pair of panty hose
on a fancy woman.
With diamonds in her ears.

Through the dust-encrusted window,
we passed a truck.
Fishtailing off the mountain.

The bus ran along a red dirt road
that matched the rust-colored skirts of the women
who stopped and stared, baskets on their heads.

And I thought about reaching out,
as he watched the two mutts
barking from the roof of a desolate, white house.

But the bus threw us over a pothole,
and his long hair was saturated with grease.
My fingers instead
twirled the white gold band encasing my thumb.

- - -

Lauren Page is a junior at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia where she studies microbiology and minoring in English literature. Lauren spends her free time writing, hiking, working at a local veterinary clinic, and interning at the Blacksburg farmer’s market. There, she shares her love for fresh and local food with the community. Lauren's work has appeared on The New Poet and she was a finalist in the Steger Poetry Prize.