Topman Vest #1

I’ve left friendships at the side of roads,
wandered off and out of sight
of people I thought I knew but now I’ll never know,
I’ve made mistakes in blackout drunk opaque
segments of time that have led to questions being raised
further on down the line,
and I am ashamed to say that in the first year of university
I wore a vest for a while
because I thought the less material a garment has the cooler you are:

this is not true.

My arms were reduced to kindling-fire-wood,
my ribs easily recognisable through the cotton
because this torso is tinder-skin, pale and thin,
below my body was not warm
and I thought I’d start thinking in swarms of confidence, like,
man, you totally get laid because of this vest,
but in reality I was thinking,
put a jumper on.