Coyote In The Cold - Jim Cunningham

you did not skitter
onto the asphalt
what kept you at the fence,
what told you to turn around?

you scampered back
to the fallow fields
long before my killing machine rolled by,
but you kept an eye, on me,
ears perked up as well, listening
to the harried hum of my motor,
dulled white noise to me, yet a roaring
coded symphony to you, punctuated by birdsong,
ghostly voices in the gray wind, and perhaps
the languid liquid thump of your own heart   

what kept you from the road
what drove you back to your plaintive plains? 
things I will never see, nor hear 
even as my own heart beats wildly
at the sacred sight of you

- - -

Jim Cunningham is a Texan poet, stranded on the prairies of the USA. He lives in the wily world of words most days. I Kissed Vivien Leigh was a previous work posted at Coffee Shop Poems.