bright spot of the Hibiscus flower - Michael Brown

Sinabung coughs sulphur
asthma lungs empty charcoal pits 
cracked coal clumps choke

this sudden red hand 
a delicate flower clings to colour
in a grey covered world 

your petals bleed aniseed 
like a bloody hand
in a dirty puddle 

tracing paper flower
crumbles in my hand
leaving bloody fingerprints

a bright red crimson kiss
floats above a sea of lava 
could fall into volcano mouth 

like a final heartbeat 
in a decaying grey body
a bright spot Hibiscus flower

- - -

Michael Brown was born in Manchester in 1983. These poems are from his second collection cutting butterflies with scissors (Wilkinson House) and The Exhibit (Silverwood books) his third collection which he will complete this summer at Pembroke College, University of Cambridge. He was recently published in The best of Manchester poets Volume 3 (Puppy wolf) and is short-listed for the Barbara Bursford Award 2014. He currently lives in Cambridge and teaches English as a foreign language.