Bring Me Sunflowers - Michael Brown

Wake up to sunrise
you put me in a vase
you’re my water

Usually I’m poppy seeds
probably crumbs
scattered for the birds

Bring me sunflowers
in hospital
to illuminate my plain room

A lover picks me sunflowers
we eat their seeds
count many petals

Painting sunflowers
my Van Gogh ear can’t hear
a bird free sky

- - -

Bring Me Sunflowers is a poem from Michael Brown’s new collection of poems entitled The Exhibit. Michaels’s collection puts humans emotions on display. It is a book between two cities- Cambridge and Manchester – with detours via wax museums and planetariums. It brings down the Berlin Wall and challenges censorship in Iran; reveals the love of gay marriage and has conversations with Alexander McQueen, Damien Hirst and Sylvia Plath.

Michael Brown’s poems seek to put our most intense feelings on display, sharing our common experiences and observing humanity standing on the outside looking in.

To find out more visit Michael’s website here.