My Strength - Deborah Wong

The first roam is the widest call,
to shake the phoenix that has
drenched into lullaby.
Comfort zone – protected by dew,
replenishing happiness at the corridor.
A relentless stranger owns the garden where you
and I decided to throw a fruitless love,
by teaching our limbs some filthy lesson
to grow and fight. And then to re-energise
that reek pre-caution,
while winners are many, too many

to name;
in numbers –

In my spare time, I pluck an apple from our garden
Please take the first bite, my darling.
Fear not the venom for I wouldn’t die of
de-codifying a serpent’s tail.
The seed becomes a plum in my uterus.
Kiss the Kung-Fu fighting umbilical cord.
Harvesting in nine months time,
By then you are away; elsewhere
Photos to keep until your return,
Memories in rolling film credits.

- - -

Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Deborah Wong's poems have been published locally and internationally. She is an editorial contributor and the Editorial Board Member of Eastlit. Tweet her at @PetiteDeborah.