Miserable Cocktail Couples

The miserable cocktail couples are out again
because work got cancelled and they'd rather be unhappy together in a place like this
rather than be alone at home in front of another original British drama the BBC seem to making at the moment
(this one's like the last one but the protagonist's a female with a drinking problem).

I've made enough small talk with hairdressers
to know how a conversation works and I'm overhearing
question sentences that are opening the floor up to one word answers-
and mate,
if you wanna marry this girl ask her what she wants from life,
what she wants to achieve and maintain and hold onto and pass down,
not what soap she likes out of the two you know about
and if she minds being with a man who sometimes
gets a bit lairy with the lads when he's had one too many pints on a Monday night out.

The miserable couples are sipping at their cocktails
thinking BBC One would have been a better risk than this.