The Boy Asked What Christmas Was

Why do we give alcohol to loved ones at Christmas?
the boy asked.

His father replied,
because we know they don't need anything personal or new or next generation
because they've already got it;
they've got the nine to five
holidays-off job that pays for everything they need and more.
So we give them a bottle of red, a case of rosé,
we kick them over a well-wrapped box of local ales at Christmas, we celebrate with Chardonnay,
we buy them another pint, we drink heavy and sleep light,
we track down that American whiskey for her, that glass of white for him,
we write down a list of wineries to pass on as a note to them saying where's good to holiday that year to be near another winery, we give them a shot at their own housewarming,
we drink, for them when they can't, a can of their favourite when they mention they're having a baby,
we give them that bottle of red
hey, you, drink this because you're getting old and you don't like your job and this is the only present we can give you that'll be useful this Christmas.

The boy nodded,
noting down his father's advice to use later on down the line.