Why Earphones Were Invented

for Nathaniel Baldwin. Look where we are now.

Block out the noise with your noise
and look at their miserable faces.
Construct stories from wrinkles,
novels from bent noses,
secrets from something not normally seen when scored to the sound of the street.
Look how his or hers hands are tucked away in pockets,
their shoes not tied up,
their hood down, not in use, even though it's raining.
Investigate the smallest of facial movements;
interrogate winces and winks and slow burn, smoldering ember blinks.
Look at how he holds his pints,
puffs up his chest wanting a fight yet no army sit behind him as backup.
Look at the lonely blonde smoker who joins conversations
though she knows no-one she is talking about.

Composers compose to concentrate what we see into a musical form,
not the other way around.