When Time Team Found My Teeth

Why should I brush my teeth?
the Boy asked.

Because out of everything,
the dentist said, his wife agreed,
Out of everything they're the only thing
that'll remain, these and your bones,
so keep fit and drink your milk,
brush your teeth and don't smoke
because in 500 years’ time
Tony Robinson and his merry band of rag tag professionals will come along and dig you up,
send your carcass off and into a local university’s MRI machine
to see what kind of little boy you were
and the first place they'll look for signs of hope and help will be in your bones
and then your teeth
and that's why you need to give then a good brush every night,
most nights if you have a busy week.

The boy looked up to the ceiling,
where most look at times like these,
these times being
lower left, a, b, c, d and e,
and through an open mouth asked,

Please can I have a sticker after?