24 Hours in Police Custody: WE'RE FILMING IT

she was so in denial that she was answering her own questions with more questions,
24 hours in police custody
and a child at home with no known mum,
another fledging with no box to jump from,
she strikes me as the kind of person
who has maglev feet
she probably walks in a constant
drift of energy and places to go,
but ends up nowhere new,
running for green men but never quite making them,
her red man this police station on a Friday night
and another wait at this zebra-crossing-lights-are-red stop
and she's shouting at the Custody Officer 
like she's speaking down rural Alberta telephones
thinking shes got the advantage
but she'll never win, never succeed,
because she's got a caution over her head and a tag attached to her foot
put on by the manager of mismanaged mums too young to mum
and Channel 4 are filming it all because small town celebrities germinate in police stations on Friday nights