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I’m not scared of growing up
or buying travel insurance,
I’m nervous of the question, what is the next me going to be like, he better still be doing this otherwise you've let yourself down
and if you've let yourself down then
you've probably let yourself go as well,
all those Dominoes winter warmer deals keeping you wrapped up safely and out of the cold,
you've probably let some grimy office bastard grind you down and you're a weaker man now because of him,
you've probably thrown paper cash through a thousand sieve holes one by one because that was somehow easier than saving maybe 30, 35 quid a month?
you've probably gone and got yourself a girlfriend no one likes, so next time: make a fucking better decision you moron,
you've probably gone and started that Indiana Jones marathon you said you were going to watch in a day, so green you think they named the dog Indiana and that Dr. Elsa Schneider actually loved Indy throughout his last crusade,
you've probably started going on morning walks,
you're actively taking part in new slow cooker recipes and
freshly made pesto is now your thing,

because you've probably found the time, made room, rehearsed planning meetings into carefully choreographed dinners and meals by nine,
you've probably given up hope on an ambition yet out of it you got something like a plan, be that whatever it is you want to be your everything and anything, and most things if you work a week worthy of the man that stands in front of his mirror and whispers to himself in the dark every morning, come on, just one more day,
you've probably had the greatest beer shit the next morning and thought, right, this shit has got to stop,
you've probably thought in a moment between sleep and sleep, I’m living in my own conversations about today 25 years early, this is déjà vu:
we're living in our own unexplainable thing that on Wikipedia has a link to the link of link with disorders:
we're living in a disorder, real Cormac McCarthy shit, Aragon but with his dressing gown on instead
we're living in the Denzel Washington film of the same name, a film I haven’t seen but as soon as I read 'travels back in time' I thought this isn’t the Denzel Washington film I wanted to watch, I wanted more of a Training Day-esque, Memento sort of Déjà Vu starring Denzel Washington and Paula Patton,
I don’t know.

But it could all change,

it's just how you handle it,

think of it like that