Thirteen Reasons;

make of it what you want, but I’m making this a scene.

We made conversation and spoke of card games we’d like to play.
We made all of time a countdown to leaving.
We paused what we had begun in order to get our breaths back and we made that our motto.
We made blinds reappear with a simple twist of, the sun’s in my eyes
                                                                             I can’t see your face.
We spoke to cupboards up in the gods from kitchen proscenium arches and took ice baths after each matinee performance.
We made eleven minute lunches last as if we had all day: four minutes more than our seven minute attentions.
We made a pact to collect what we had left at the Royal Mail delivery office if the other one was away.
We made love once and it was the only time I felt I’d been left in a Safeplace.
We made queuing tolerable, made our Prime membership a chapel to rest.
We made daytime-TV worth viewing.
We made meals-out look as if we knew what we were doing.
We made it fun to mock bathroom doors and their locks.
We never made it this far,
and for that I’m done and sorry for not answering your calls.

Your sorries have no substance,
                                                  the scientist sung without heart,
apart from that, you’re fine.