Who Do You Think You're Not?

Without waves the sea would sink,
but they roll in sets, every one different to the last.

Imitating how to think is to learn and to be thought of as kind.
Devote what you can, if not all of time,
to following them with a pen or that brush,
                                          but do not copy.
                          Or erase.
Smile in everyone’s photograph. Also:
                                                            stand up straight,
                                                            have a shave,
                                                            look like you know what disaster is.
                                                    But do not copy,
the sheer terror of that should've killed you, if not
already. Stitch intricacies into
pavement cracks with a chunky knit kit and
a factory of cats. Do anything
that isn’t copying; tracing well; watching
back to back repeats of Graham Norton
with Adele, or that Swedish series that’s
a metaphor for hell. It starts at eight-
thirty, or you can catch-up on the spoiler cast.
Or Nine-thirty, you can't miss that. Plus, one 
can’t go on without speaking up to his
name. Answers of, i answer with shame is
plagiarising those bed bound ability fools
and that doesn’t sit well with me. Stay up
to date at your own pace, leave little behind
for clearing. Steal only when necessary,
demand only once, then kill them with
kindness: legacy is not key. The key is
to continue in the wake of work
and chase every wave, some would say just