fuck this freezer and all who sail in her

in her impromptu defrosting seas,
piss poor reflection of what love can give.

Fuck making sail boats of these slippers;
fuck the unmopped floor.

Fly towards fuck on a plosive detour relief tour shenanigan: fuck gap year’s abroad.

Fuck tucking back in and getting to the floor,
fuck this fucking floor,
                                  because where we’re going we don’t need
as it’s always more
                      m     o     r     e.

Fuck holding on
to what will come,
fuck deer nests of fun.

Fuck legitimised demises,
fuck each and every one,
and fuck those daybed eyes from staring in from the back of that long run.

Fuck matinee opera tears and fuck these sad songs.

Fuck referendums; fuck cornfed meat raffles
let's all fuck Quorn instead.

Fuck the bruised peach cheeks of a black thin man,
fuck this LAN streaming land.
Fuck handcuffs, too, holding innocent hands
in the bathroom of this blues

and fuck the muck of these warm evenings,
I can’t sleep without you.