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And one and two

and three and four,
said the helpful nameless stranger.
I wanna know more,
where it all comes from
before the Before,
where what you call work
hangs out with lore.
Is there a map
a burlap sack
and a two-by-four
bound in a shoulder strap?
And do you know where you’re going, yet,
where you'll be after that,
'cos I may wanna follow
something different from the pack.

(two weeks of summer sweat in held palms
leak down legs: a seasonal science
or two lost parts in sun-flare defiance)  

So, what, they swing you senseless,
return you neat,
roll you from their arms
back into the beat,
where pushpin baskets
catapult hatchbacks
into shoulder slides
and side-to-sides,
and then you go eat?


Well, I slow down the present with stopwatch starts,
teethe under lamplight, write in the dark.
Your no suggests you can get lost in these self same steps
so I wanna be your blur, your stitch,
and that last one-and-a-two.
What I'm trying to say is
I wanna go dancing with you.

a(white)void OUT TODAY

‘Mind the black cat sleeping in the beauty spot gap,
shut the heavy door on this World’s Fair,
and forget the ten-to-ten Grantham rain
cocktails in Coach H
wear of where else tonight.

Baby, if I’m awake much longer than I may as well evaporate.'

This limited edition, pre-packed collection of self published poetry comes tailor made and delivered to your door - a(white)void is an invitation to escape the rush. Tim Knight (not an award winning nor critically acclaimed human) releases this as a last ditch attempt to defy cloud storage and subscription service living. This one off payment guarantees unlimited intermissions, repeated viewings and a permanent addition to your home library.

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